Fluorescent Brightener Bbu

Fluorescent Brightener Bbu

Product Description

Main Chemical Composition: Diphenylethylene bistriazine derivative
CAS: 16470-24-9
Match: Optical Brightener BBU, Fluorescent Whitening Agent BBU, Fluorescent Brightener BBU, Optical Brightening Agent BBU, Fluorescent Brightener 220, BLANKOPHOR BBU250%

Formula: C40H40N12O16S4Na4
Molecular Weight: 1165
C. I. Number: 220

Appearance: Yellow powder
Strength: 100%
Ionic character: Anionic
Application: Mainly be used in whitening of cotton fabric, polyamide fabrics and pulp. And also used to increase brightness of light-colored fabrics.

1. Convenient in application, diluted with water perfectly, suitable for continuous addition.
2. Good acid stability.
3. Great performance in size press and pigment coating mixtures

Treating process:
1. Addition to the pigment coating mixtures: Adding in any stage of building coating material. Good performance with the carrier of CMC, PVA and starch. Usual dosage: 0.1~3G/L on dry white pigment.
2...Addition to the stock: Adding without dilution. Usual dosage: 0.01~0.4% on dry pulp. For actual application, the process should be adjusted according to correspondent sample-test.
3. Addition to the calico whiting. Usual dosage: 0.01~0.4%. 80~100 c dip-dye 30~40minutes.

Packing: 25kg paper box
It needs to be declared that the above data is based on our present knowledge and experience; Owing to too many affecting factors, these data cannot be free from their check and test when processing and using the product.

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